Personal Healing

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Ministry of Personal Healing Prayer


Rabbi Charlie and Rebbitzin Carol have studied various methods of personal healing prayer from Elijah House, Rita Bennett, Henry Wright and the Theophostic approach to ministry, which have enabled them to act as healing ministers to countless numbers of people over the last 9 years.

With the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) leading, Rabbi and Rebbitzin function as a team. They question and use prayer to help people work through troubling issues that have plagued them, sometimes even as far back as childhood.

Rabbi Charlie: “It is such a joy to watch the Ruach HaKodesh release someone from an issue that has been affecting their lives, usually for years, and see their whole countenance change. This is only possible by the Ruach HaKodesh doing a miracle within them. We see obvious changes in about 98% of the people we pray with. We are waiting for the other two percent to allow G-d to work in their lives.”

Rebbitzin Carol: “We once watched a marriage deteriorate and fall apart right before our eyes. The husband and wife just gave up on each other and he walked out. While he was outside, we worked with the wife and she was willing to release a huge issue to the Holy Spirit that was causing much of their troubles. After about a half hour the husband came back bewildered, wanting to know what happened, and the Spirit of G-d knit them back together right before our eyes!”

Rabbi and Rebbitzin offer inner healing prayer without charge, but do appreciate free will offerings for their time. To contact them to set up an appointment, send an email by clicking here.